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ABCEasy Answers to questions 5 and 6.

5.Is my monthly cash flow as big as it needs to be?
6. How can I earn more without taking away from my family time?

If I can Change the way you think, I can change what you do. Please read  the sentence below 2 times.


How many "F's" are there? If you said 3 you are in good company 8/10 people agree.

Now find the word of.  If you now see 6 "F's" you are ready to think about new things. Many of us have missed opportunities because we simply did not see them.

The answer to the questions above are different for everyone. Prevailing gurus say you must just plain work more. Other experts say that you can magically manifest your wealth by positive thinking. I am going to take a middle of the road approach and tell you that positive thinking never hurts and it allows us to form ideas and solutions that we can't find if we are in a negative state. However, do not think that you can imagine a money tree into your life. 

You must work either harder or smarter and probably some of both. Working harder means finding a plan B.  Working smarter means duplication of effort, passive income and residual income.
I tell people that every family needs 2 sources of income. One of those is going to be a wage earner, business owner, professional.  The other should be your money, working, for you. If your money is working for you then you do not need to work as long or as hard as the person who lets there money work for someone else. 

A gentleman I admire Mr. Tom Sun went from working at Mc Donalds, to making $18,000 in four weeks. Another Gentleman Mr. Ryan Burns has been working from home earning 6 figures for a couple of years now. Before that he was a starving college student. What do these men have in common? They created a plan B that became a plan A. The reason is that these gentlemen duplicated their efforts and created passive and residual income.
Everyone needs a back up plan, a plan B, that can generate income even when you are not working.

Finding the right back up plan can be confusing, disappointing, and even expensive.
Not here, let me link you up with the finest 2 opportunities in the US today in the strongest industry in the country.
Find out about this industry and then get a copy of Robert Kiyosaki's "The Business of the 21st Century".

If these statements make sense to you then follow the links on this page to one of the most solid back up plans I have had the privilege of working in.  Maybe it is the ticket for you too.  If not maybe it will start you thinking about a back up plan you love.
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