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Who is Marilee Roose and what does she do?

               This is your lucky Day!

Just a few things about me. I am a mother to 5 children and have been married to my husband, Carl for 31 years. We live in a secluded corner of the Salt Lake Valley in the township of Magna, Utah. I love being with my family, politics, my little dog Jo, Sy-Fy, and financial design.
I hold life & health insurance licenses in Utah, Arizona, and California.

I have been in financial services in one form or another for over 20 years and have seen the advice of the gurus go round and round as I watched many people I care about lose a good portion of their financial security by following their so called professional advice. I knew there was a better way, and I was determined to find it.

During the last five years I have been gathering the most innovative, unique, and successful systems together to help families and small business owners completely redesign the way money flows through their lives. Financial designing allows normal people to take complete control of their financial futures and create a strong, liquid, growing source of capital that can be used today and that will be there for the future.

Ask yourself these questions.
1. Will my money last as long as it needs to?
2. Can I be debt free and still get the things I need?

3. Will I be able to retire or do the things I want when I am older? (maybe you're older already)
4. How can I keep more of what I earn?
5.Is my monthly cash flow as big as it needs to be?
6. How can I earn more without taking away from my family time?

If you think there are answers to these questions you are dead on right and those answers are ABCEasy to get RIGHT HERE!

Take a walk through the pages, each page will answer one or more of the questions above.
Click the links.
Then fill out the form, call or email me soon.
Now is the very best time to design your financial future!

Marilee Roose
2926 S 8950 W
Magna, Utah 84044
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